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Budokan Kang Long the international area
Budokan Kang Long international high area
Cui budokan Kang Long international ring
Kang Long international whedon budokan

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Honorary certificate

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Kang Long concept

Our purpose:
Pay attention to the development of children comprehensive quality。Let all the students in the center of the Kang Long studied can harvest a healthy body、Independent ability、Bear hardships and stand hard work spirit striving to make progress。
Our goal:
Doing fine、And stronger、Do big、Innovation、Merit、Gen。
Our core values:
Language in place、Smile in place、Equipment in place、Security in place、Quality in place

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Budo benefits

1、Release and ease life、Work、The pressure in the study。
2、Can be self-defense,Self protection shall be inviolable。
3、Increase the flexibility of the body、Flexibility。
4、Improve the body immunity。
5、Increased response to emergencies。
6、The role of can achieve toning the body。
7、Have a positive attitude towards life。
8、Have noble character and quality。

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The training content

Spirit of martial arts:Etiquette、Wushu education
The basic technology:Basic techniques、Basic defense、Basic on foot, etc
Routines:Five steps、Nunchakus、Eight serial boxing、Wu、Shaolin serial legs、The provisions of the state、Tai chi chuan、Program、Such as martial arts routines
Physical training:Sit-ups、Squat jump、Push-ups、Leapfrog、Back muscle
National education practice:Disciple gauge、The analects of Confucius、Young Chinese said 。
Daily life itself:The earthquake science to escape、Personal fire emergency rescue yourself、Daily injury medical first aid measures on the training method and a series of learning。

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Admissions information

Class motto training time
Monda、Wednesda、Frida:5:30-6:30(The martial arts)
Tuesda、Thursda:5:30-6:30(Tae kwon do)
The training time of weekend class:(Each section of the training time for one class hours)
AClass Saturda、On Sunday morning8:30-9:30(The martial arts)
BClass Saturda、On Sunday morning10:00-11:30(Tae kwon do)
CClass Saturda、On Sunday afternoon1:30-3:00(The martial arts)
DClass Saturda、On Sunday afternoon1:30-3:00(Tae kwon do)
EClass Saturda、On Sunday afternoon3:30-5:00(Sanda)

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Contact us

High area:0631-5698123、15063119737
The area:0631-3635655、13869072582
Ring cui:0631-5800005、13561856580
Xindu district area by area18Building(New south gate Lucy middle school50M)
Weihai high west road area culture75The yellow building on the third floor
Weihai beach road14AEmbrace the sea garden3Floor
Tangerang peak mountain41Number(Liqun lights north home inns hotel courtyard5Floor)

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Kang Long international budo

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