To strengthen bank CARDS to receive single business risk…
For merchants real-name rectification work plan
To carry out the fixed-point anti-poverty counties related to poverty alleviation work
The entertainmentag138Who made the fund payment and settlement organizations
The entertainmentag138Who made“Cross-border payments”Licence
The entertainmentag138Who made the first man…
  The entertainmentag138Co., LTD., established in payment2001Years12Month,Is China the entertainmentag138A subsidiary、The entertainmentag138Business of high and new technology enterprise,The specialty is engaged in the bank card charge sheet and specialized service、Internet payment、Prepaid card acceptance, etc. Main business。2011Years5Month,The company has issued by the people's bank of the country's first《The payment business license》。Through access to the entertainment in Chinaag138An inter-bank information exchange system resources,Will be paid the advanced technology and professional financial services,Set up the industry leader、Powerful payment platform,Successfully developed networkPOS、Online payment、Fund pays online direct marketing、Easyjet treasure、The generation of cash、Kiosks、Shang gso prepaid card rich product line, etc,For the majority of the cardholder and all kinds of enterprises、Provide security institutions and administrative organs、Convenient、Quick payment service。At present, the company pay business covers air、Funds、Telecommunications、Direct selling、Online games、Online mall、Insurance

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