Xiangyang primary-secondary electromechanical co., LTD is mainly engaged in lab sampling equipment、The production of sample preparation equipment、Research and development and sales。Product categories:A、The new type of powder sampler(Using intelligent control circuit,Show time and Beijing time synchronization,Sampling can be set up at any time,Convenient user ratio of accurately adjusted in a timely manner,Suitable for powder material sampling);2、Particles sampler(The shape of the structure does not destroy the sample material。Suitable for granular materials sampling,Such as cement clinker factory、Raw materials containing solid impurities、Open circuit grinding cement sample、Lump coal、Slag、Steel slag、Iron ore、Compound fertilizer、And so on);3、Manual sampler(Have a solid powder sampler and liquid sampler);Four、Stir the sampler(Sampling while stirring,The sample fully by homogenization,More representative。Suitable for powder material and granular materials sampling and homogenization);Five、Clinker sampler(Used for high temperature of clinker kiln and clinker);Six、Central belt sampler and automatic sampling relative auxiliary...
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