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Warmly celebrate the company move the new location
Warmly celebrate the quanzhou city built vibration testing comprehensive qualification promotion engineering technology co., LTD
2014Years6Month3, the winning putian city li garden proposed li city industrial development co., LTD
2014Years05Month29, the winning jinjiang qingyang group financial square pile foundation project
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About housing and construction department of fujian province“Fujian province construction engineering detection management information system”
About housing and construction department of fujian province2015Testing institutions flight inspection situation
About2015In the third quarter to check the test data and regulation of ready-mixed concrete production data online
About2014In the first quarter of ready-mixed concrete quality inspections
About2014In the second quarter of ready-mixed concrete and pile static load test on patrol

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    Quanzhou city building vibration engineering technology co., LTD(Hereinafter referred to as“Construction technology of vibration”)In2006In the quanzhou city construction bureau、Construction department of fujian province、Fujian province bureau of quality and technical supervision approved,Of the quanzhou city's first engineering testing institutions。

    Transformed,Quanzhou city has developed into a building vibration technology is most qualified construction engineering detection、The largest engineering quality test institutions,Quanzhou city is also the firstThe most complete qualification、The strongest ability、The best service、Best performance and has a high market visibility and reputation of the third party impartiality testing services,Quanzhou city intermediate people's court judicial authentication institutions,Only in fujian province quanzhou city construction engineering quality comprehensive testing institutionsThe company's business throughout the province around the city。

    In the okanagan valley east of the city、HuiAn chongwu has two test base,A total construction area of nearly square meters,IsQuanzhou only examination organization with independent property rights of land

    The companyCommitted toAs the most reliable testing institutions,Committed toProvide employees with a high salary、Satisfied and proud。

    Company headquarters is located in quanzhou city okanagan valley area xia industrial zone,For the whole province,To the country,Moving inHighway traffic、Railway、Evaluation of energy efficiency、Water conservancy、Fire in the areas of the third party impartiality testing industryThe comprehensive development,And extend test related business,To the industry to create a first-class testing companies。

    “Honesty,The way of heaven;If the person,The way of people also”。The company to remain“The good faith”之道,Adhere to a high degree of social responsibility,Have the courage to bear,In order to“Andrew metal between”As,To do a good job of testing,Refused to shoddy construction,And has completed many fine fine project,Quanzhou city as an administrative service center、The second phase、Quanzhou union hospital of traditional Chinese medicine、Quanzhou city in the east China sea academy、Quanzhou south yingbin extension engineering、Quanzhou city north greeter extension engineering、Shishi city ring bay road、Jinjiang city century avenue、Jinjiang ssangyong road extension change, etc。


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The company address:Quanzhou city in fujian province, xia industrial estate XiaXin Road okanagan valley area152Number(The champions league and the arc DE triomphe residence East of the south of the garage)

The bus route:
    1、Take a seat32On the road“Chardonnay the crossroads”Stop,Along324National road south(The champions league and the arc DE triomphe residential area is the opposite side)The pavement to the west(Urban direction)Go straight ahead20M left to east garage after go straight to the right“Building vibration technology company”。
    2、Take a seat7Lk、11Lk、19Lk、23Lk、35Lk、42Lk、44Lk、203Lk、K520Lk、K702Lk、K902On the road“Tomorrow square”Stop(City huada direction side bus station),Along324National road south(The champions league and the arc DE triomphe residential area is the opposite side)The pavement to the west(Urban direction)To walk10M,After xia road, walk straight20Meters and turn left to the east of the garage right straight“Building vibration technology company”。

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