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    The company currently production green mountain brand series products,Has more than 20 varieties,Including:Industrial bench drill 、The bench drill、Large span drilling machine、Light bench drill、Vertical drilling machine、Drilling and tapping machine、Bull drilling and tapping machine、Tapping machine、Twin screw drill、Pneumatic drill、Hydraulic drilling machine、Wire type automatic tapping machine、Pneumatic drilling and tapping machine and pneumatic(Hydraulic pressure)The combination of automatic drilling and tapping machine,D35,D25Hydraulic drilling power head,S30Silk shell attack power head;And welcome by users paddy cultivation of zhongshan-12Ship type tractors and other products。The company has built for a particular user strong tapping machine、Big bench drill、Long drill, etc,In addition,The company will continue to launch all kinds of new products,To meet the needs of the customers。

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    • Bench drill main technical parameters?

      Main technical parameters of maximum bench drill hole diameter: 12 mm ; 16 mmSpindle range: 100mm ; 125mmThe dimension from the centerline of the main shaft to column bus: 200 mm ; 240 mmThe spindle end face maximum distance to base: 355mm ;400mmThe spindle end face minimum distance to the base: 55 mm ;Spindle short conical: B16 ; The spindle taper: Morse No.2The nose range: 200 mm ; 350 mmThe spindle speed series: 5 ; 5Turn the spindle...

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