The terminal station

Product model:QMT00/QMT012And so onSeries

Automatic cable

Product model:QX210-21D


Relay module

Product model:QMY301-308/QMY320-321/QMY504-505

Automation products

Aluminum alloy box operation

Product model:QT140/QT210Series

Aluminum alloy box operation

Product model:QT060/QT105


The cantilever support system

Product model:GN/GT/GE/QMSeries

Sheet metal products

CESCable into the system

Cable into the framework/Cable finishing plate/Fixed plate/Wear wallboard/Upright with detachable type integrated sealing system

Waterproof connector/Drag chain line waterproof connector

Product model:QB420-4/QB420-6/QB420-8/QB420M-8

Cast aluminum boxes

Product model:DA111~DA421Series,According to need to processing customized

Waterproof products

Current terminal

Product model:QT060/QT105


Guide terminals

Product model:QUKJEuropean style/QUTDJapanese style/QPTPlay style

Connector series

Product model:MILSeries/IDCSeries/FCNSeries/D-SUBSeries/MDRSeries

Connector products
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